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Our Millenarium extra virgin olive oil is unique and special, because it is produced from the millennial olive trees that have dominated our “Cannavà” estate since ancient times.

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Biodynamic extra virgin olive oil

Its medium-intense fruity profile of
green-picked olives has a perfect balance.

Each bottle is unique

Our olive culture has its roots in a millennial history that has come down to us through plants that have lived for centuries and millennia.

Each bottle is unique, marked with a distinctive number, and is the result of a sensory research as this oil is produced exclusively with Ottobratica olives, a native variety.

They belong to that place, where they express the profound essence of a story told by the wind blowing through their silver leaves as early as the eighth century BC. At the time, the sacred olive tree was already cultivated in the Locri Epizefiri colony, and then in the ancient Metauria (today’s GioiaTauro), when the temple was already dedicated to Minerva, to whom, as is known, the olive tree was consecrated.

Produced from the millennial olive trees

Its medium-intense fruity profile of green-picked olives has a perfect balance.

The characteristic scent of the Ottobratica variety has accents of field grass, golden apple and unripe tomato with distant hints of wild thistle.

Producing this biodynamic oil has meant to us seeing our land and our trees as part of a complex universe, understanding the cosmic laws and influences, stories and forces that govern all living beings, planets and moons, trying to create the right interconnection among land, history and sky.

Olio extra vergine d’oliva Biodinamico


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