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Biodynamic Extra virgin olive oil infused with ITALIANH HERBS Demeter Certified


Condimento alle erbe aromatiche italiane a base di olio ev Principe di Gerace, Demeter, bott* 100ml


Our Italian herbs seasoning is an extraordinary and tasty recipe which, thanks to its intense and distinctive character, allows an important reduction in the use of salt in food.

Basil, oregano, parsley and lovage, which grow lush and fragrant in our farm, are the ingredients used to prepare this specialty. Once dried, spices are left to macerate for several days in our biodynamic extra virgin olive oil and then filtered.

From this union comes a healthy and intense, refined, and versatile dressing ideal for the preparation of special recipes with an important reduction in the use of salt.


Ideal for flavouring pizzas, potatoes in any preparation, Mediterranean sauces, vegetables, and meats of all kinds, it is also excellent to enhance taste to focaccias or to be enjoyed on toasted bread.

Ingredients: 100% Italian biodynamic extra virgin olive oil, biodynamic basil, oregano, parsley and lovage.

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Weight 480 g


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